THURSDAY 15, December 2016

13.50Session 1, Room CE3/20d

  • Next Best View Planning for Object Recognition in Mobile Robotics
    Christopher Mcgreavy, Lars Kunze and Nick Hawes.
  • The use of Data Packets in a Behaviour Network to improve the Action Selection Mechanism
    Brian Peach and Peter Robinson.
  • Have a Little Patience: Let Planners Play Cards
    Rabia Jilani, Andrew Crampton, Diane Kitchin and Mauro Vallati.
  • Factorised Contingency Planning
    Bram Ridder, Michael Cashmore, Derek Long, Maria Fox and Daniele Magazzeni.

15.20Coffee Break

15.50Session 2, Room CE3/20d

  • The SimplyfAI Project: Using AI Planning in Urban Traffic Management or If at First the Representation Does not Work, Try, Try and Try and Again
    Lee Mccluskey and Mauro Vallati.
  • A Verified Decision Procedure for Pseudo-Boolean Formulas
    Tobias Philipp and Anna Tigunova.
  • Towards The Integration of Model Predictive Control into an AI Planning Framework
    Falilat Jimoh and Lee Mccluskey.
  • Pattern Based Temporal Inference In Forward Search Temporal Planning
    Atif Talukdar, Maria Fox and Derek Long.

18.30 Dinner

FRIDAY 16, December 2016

09.15Invited Talk: Emeritus Prof. Keith Clark, Room HWG/05

Teleo-Reactive Programming of Co-operative Reactive Robotic Agents

10.10Coffee break, Room CE3/20d

10.30Session 3, Room CE3/20d

  • Proposing of Planning System for Sports Domain: A Tool for Professional Coaches
    Tomas Skerik, Wolfgang Faber and Lukas Chrpa.
  • PDDL+ Planning with Temporal Pattern Databases
    Wiktor Piotrowski, Maria Fox, Derek Long, Daniele Magazzeni and Fabio Mercorio.
  • Integrating Mission, Logistics, and Task Planning for Skills-Based Robot Control in Industrial Kitting Applications
    Matthew Crosby and Ron Petrick.
  • Dependency Network Based Planning, Understanding the True Effects of Plans and Actions
    Brian Drabble.

11.50Closing Remarks, Room CE3/20d